By: Harry Hobson, President/CEO

As we enter the New Year, it provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our achievements from years past. In particular, 2016 was a year of innovation, vision, and forward thinking as residents, administration, and board members alike worked together to implement plans and make dreams become a reality.
Some Recent Noteworthy Accomplishments:
In the last five years alone, Plymouth Harbor has seen many aspirations come to fruition: the 2010-2011 enhancements to the Mayflower Restaurant, the 2012 establishment of The Plymouth Harbor Foundation, the 2014 opening of the Wellness Center, the 2015 groundbreaking of the Northwest Garden Building, and the 2016 rejuvenation of Pilgrim Hall. And, of course, elevating our Smith Care Center to the gold standard by achieving the Governor’s Gold Seal Award for Excellence.

We are continuously working to develop strategies to improve the lives of our residents. As we look to the future, we realize the vital importance of striking a balance — not losing sight of the present while we prepare for the future.

The Importance of Due Diligence:
In 2006, an initial master site plan, including the development of a new memory care center, was presented to the board. With the looming economic downturn, the board made a conscious and wise decision to put that plan on hold. Years later, in 2012, we reassessed the need for a dedicated memory care center, asking ourselves, “Is it riskier to not do anything, or riskier to do something?” On December 5, 2012, the board confidently moved forward and began the exploration proces After much planning, research, and due diligence, we realized not only the concern for memory care, but also a need for new assisted living accommodations and that increased independent living apartments were a priority. As a result, official plans for this building, now known as our Northwest Garden, began in 2014.

Today, we continue that focus as we plan for the opening of the new residences in November 2017. We spent the latter part of 2015 and 2016 building a culture of understanding when it comes to dementia and related illnesses through our training with the Positive Approach™ to Care developed by Teepa Snow.

Based on our own experiences and input from board members, residents, and their families, the Plymouth Harbor Foundation and the health services team are currently defining the scope of the programmatic features that will be supported by a capital campaign effort.
As we enter 2017, we envision the future of our new campus and are committed to providing the best care and support for our residents and the greater community, providing innovative educational sessions for residents, family members, and the Sarasota community. Our compassion and care will make us stand out, and our ultimate vision for memory care research capabilities will make us unique.

Strategic Plan – Plymouth Harbor 2021:
In the midst of planning for our new building, we celebrated the milestone of our 50-year anniversary and embarked upon a full-scale renovation of Pilgrim Hall, at the suggestion and guidance of our residents.

It was only fitting that one month after our anniversary celebration, at the direction of the Board of Trustees, Plymouth Harbor’s Strategic Planning Oversight Committee was charged with developing a five-year strategic plan: Plymouth Harbor 2021. Following a detailed situational analysis and research of future trends, we narrowed down four crucial strategic goals that will have the most significant impact for Plymouth Harbor going forward.

At the October 2016 meeting, the board reviewed and approved this Strategic Plan. Committees consisting of residents, board members, and administration were formed, and we are proud to announce that we are now in the communication and implementation process.

The four strategic goals that are supported by specific action plans include:

1.) Pursue mission enhancement.
2.) Become an employer of choice in the Sarasota and Manatee area.
3.) Seek out, interpret, and embrace appropriate emerging trends and changing business models.
4.) Ensure PH’s long-term financial success.
Throughout this process we realize the importance of staying true to our mission of providing the most positive aging experience possible for our residents.
The continued success of Plymouth Harbor wouldn’t be possible without quality trustee leadership, resident involvement, and strong administrative talents. In addition, we are blessed with a philanthropic spirit that is so apparent here at Plymouth Harbor.

We have high hopes as we embark upon the New Year. Our first 50 years revealed a commitment to innovation, perseverance, and excellence that serve as the model for many decades to come.