By Ila Preti
A pretty, petite person, Cynda has many interests and talents in the arts: she’s a perfect fit for Sarasota!  (She first visited her mother-in-law here, and then spent many winters on Siesta Key.  She knew it was the place for her.)

Growing up in New Rochelle, N.Y., an easy commute to New York City, Cynda became enamored of drama, art and music.  Her entire life has been art-centered: painting, sculpture and quilt designing have been favorites.  She participated in arts activities and sang in choral groups wherever she lived.

A drama major at Vassar College, she has fond memories of playing Nellie Forbush in “South Pacific.”  She met her husband there and they began married life in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he entered the family lumber business.  Cynda and her husband founded an art and drama center in Hot Springs.  Sadly, she was widowed at an early age.

New Mexico has been her home for many years.  As a rancher, she bred and raised Appaloosa horses, further developing her love of the environment and horticulture.  When she sold theranch and moved to Santa Fe, she had an opportunity to become involved in that city’s outstanding arts community.  She still has a home there and plans to spend the summer in the cool mountains (at 7,000 feet).

A love of learning has enriched Cynda’s entire life—wherever she lived, she enrolled in classes in many areas. Sometimes, when there was no college available, she took ‘correspondence’ courses.

The mother of three, she has three granddaughters and three great-grandchildren.  One of her daughters, Liz, has lived on Longboat Key for many years; some of you may know her!  Her son and another daughter live in Colorado; grandchildren live in California and in North Carolina.

While Cynda’s life has centered on the arts, she has many other interests.  She is fascinated by “New Age” studies and loves sports; she was part of the 19th Colony Bocce team that played the North Garden Colony in the first Plymouth Harbor ‘tournament.’

A fascinating, enthusiastic person, Cynda is a wonderful addition to Plymouth Harbor and to Sarasota.  We warmly welcome her!