“It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”  –  Kahlil Gibran


Peggy & Don Wallace, George Heitler & Joe DevoreRecently, George Heitler was recognized by the Smith Care Center for his 14 years of service as the creator, director, and recruiter of the monthly Birthday Bash!  Actually, for anything musical, George has been the star organizer for the benefit of the Smith Care Center, and he led sing-alongs in Plymouth Harbor when the Café was a lounge.  He is well-known for his rendition of the classic “Old Man River.”


isabel scullIsabel Scull has a kind and generous soul, and has been sharing a touch of that kindness every Tuesday for over 13 years in the Smith Care Center.  Isabel would welcome, serve, and socialize with the SCC residents during their weekly “Happy Hour.” Sometimes, just showing a little kindness is the most precious gift one can give.


Joan RungeJoan Runge would describe herself as someone with no talents.  But, we are here to tell you that Joan has a closet full of talents and she is so generous to share them.  Some of these talents you no doubt are familiar with, but you may not know that she has been calling bingo twice a month for 13 years in the Smith Care Center!  This has been quite a long-run act of kindness, and one very much appreciated by our residents.


Van ArsdaleBuzz VanArsdale is an active guy, to say the least.  A kayaker and a cyclist, he has happily taken on the task of coordinating the placement of the kayaks and canoes on the peninsula.    A consummate cyclist, he lends his talented hand to keep the bicycles of several residents running in tip-top shape!  In fact, Buzz also shares his bicycle repair skills with the Resurrection House in Sarasota, making sure they are in good working order for their clients to travel to and from the jobs they have been able to secure.  What a wonderful service he provides throughout our community!


HeideGene Heide is spending his retirement career as a woodworker.  With his superb skills, Gene spends hours in the Wood Shop, creating, repairing, and crafting projects for Plymouth Harbor and residents.  He doesn’t just repair the furniture, he makes it better than it was!  Gene also has the creative skills in his craft.  He just completed a parallel storage unit for the artists in the Art Studio, and installed extensive shelving in the Resident Services work room.  He built a new lectern that is being used in the Wellness Center, and he crafted and installed communion receptacles on each of the chairs in the Chapel.  And, he does this all because he loves it!


StarrPhil Starr has been sharing his photography and videography skills since 2012.  It wasn’t until after he retired and the Starrs moved to Plymouth Harbor that he discovered his gift with a camera.  Shortly after they became residents, Phil and Barry wandered the campus, taking photos of our lush grounds and beautifully decorated interiors.  He put the photos into DVD format and added music, and that video is now being used in our marketing department to portray our spectacular views.  His current project is videotaping fitness classes in the Wellness Center; DVDs will be available soon.  Phil has become the official videographer for productions in Pilgrim Hall.  We are very fortunate to have Phil here, sharing his never-ending talents, all to the betterment of our community!