Homer B. Myers was a local Sarasota banker and a member of the First Congregational Church of Sarasota. In 1963, Homer loaned the Reverend Dr. MacNeil the funds needed to purchase Coon Key for $300,000. Prior to that, Dr. MacNeil and his small group of visionaries had only the $50 that each of them had contributed as a starter fund. “He loaned us money as if we had money,” recalled Dr. George Baughman, an early Plymouth Harbor trustee and also a member of the local church.

Homer was a large supporter of Plymouth Harbor. In addition to loaning the group funds, Homer used his ties to members of the community to help the organization succeed. Following the purchase of the land, Homer helped ensure necessary zoning changes were made through a personal connection with Sarasota City Manager, Ken Thompson — an old college friend of Homer’s. Past that, Homer went on to serve as Chairman of the Plymouth Harbor Board of Trustees, first in 1968-1969, and again from 1977 until 1986. Eventually, Homer himself became a resident of Plymouth Harbor.