If you have passed by Pilgrim Hall recently, you may have noticed a little different look to the perimeter. Veiled with plastic partitions and a zippered door, the rejuvenation has begun!

You will see on the floorplan (below) that several new items have been added:

  1. On the north wall we have added a ramp for easy access for those with mobility challenges.
  2. The stage has been widened and deepened on both sides.
  3. Steps up to the stage have been added on both sides of the stage front.
  4. The backstage has been improved and storage has been increased.
  5. The sound booth has been moved to the back of the Hall, with portability and remote capabilities from anywhere in the room.
  6. Acoustical panels were added to all corners, the north and south walls, and the ceiling (which is not shown this in the floor plan).
  7. Both doors on the south corridor were widened for easier ingress and egress.
  8. A walled area at the west end of the Hall was designated for walker and other storage.
  9. A quick service area has been added to the northwest corner, adding symmetry and additional service area for the dining staff.
  10. The area between the walker storage and quick service area on the west (back) wall is a removable wall, intended for increased seating when needed. Capacity in the new hall is 100, increased to 130 when the wall is opened.

We are still hopeful for a December grand opening, when the complete new design will be  revealed! Stay tuned!