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Life is simply better on the bay

About Us

Serving Sarasota & beyond
since 1966.

With more than five decades under our proverbial belt, Plymouth Harbor is, and has always been, pridefully revolutionary in the way we approach retirement living. And we believe it shows.

Walking onto our coastal campus, you can feel it – a lively energy that invokes the best out of people here, allowing each day to feel more exciting than the last. Along the outskirts of the community, waves continuously wash ashore, each one leaving behind a lasting sense of relaxation and calm.

Inside, a unique concept that’s become one of the favored aspects of life in our community: the colonies. Every three floors of apartments face a common area that, on the lowest floor, is home is comfortable couches, chairs, and tables for gatherings. Mezzanines on the upper two floors provide a bird’s eye view of the lounge area, allowing residents to see the all-encompassing décor that their colony has put together, making holiday seasons and events feel all-the-more communal and fun.

All that we do here is in the spirit of togetherness.
Here, our residents and staff share a passion for helping
others, a love of bay area living, and appreciation of life.


Plymouth Harbor is home to all who love living and everything that comes with that – from watching the sunrise or sunset over Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, to enjoying the all moments that come in-between.


As the years have passed and times have changed, our community continues to attract vibrant residents, both nationally and internationally. It has evolved to become one of the premier continuing care retirement communities in the United States and is recognized as an employer of choice in the region.

Our Mission Statement

As a church-sponsored, not-for-profit community of distinction for older adults, Plymouth Harbor is committed to providing the most positive aging experience possible for its residents.


Vision and Core Values

  • We build inclusive relationships and a sense of community through trust and open communications.
  • We encourage cooperation through collaboration and the respectful sharing of ideas and beliefs.
  • We exhibit integrity and honesty in all dealings.
  • We encourage innovation and ensure excellence through high quality standards.
  • We emphasize a holistic approach; supporting resident independence by celebrating individuality and treating people with dignity.
  • We recognize the importance of preparedness and are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all constituents.