April is a gorgeous month in Florida—and it is an easy time to enjoy our balmy breezes.  If your apartment faces east or north it may be possible to use no artificial heating or cooling for a month, maybe more.  We remember the tricks from when we paid our own electricity bills.  Use the windows, doors and blinds to modulate the temperature.

If you turn the thermostat to OFF, you usually will be comfortable, unless we have another Arctic Vector (gulp).  Should you become uncomfortable, use the darned air conditioner.

If you are among the unlucky ones on the south or west, and have only views of the gulf and birds and dolphins, keeping the increasingly warm rays out involves more effort.  Maybe you can use less artificial air once the sun moves past your windows.  You may be able to enjoy those balmy breezes by opening the windows late at night or early in the morning.

FANS.  Something new conservation committee members taught us is that fans can forestall the need for more expensive air conditioning for an hour or two.  And some of our slower members did not realize that turning the fan on our thermostats to ON from AUTO will have the same chilling effect.  And, we need not remind you, a chilling effect on Plymouth Harbor’s electrical bills.  Never mind how much oil/natural gas/coal is saved.

A couple of cautions.  Be sure that the air is turned off when you open the windows.  Be sure the hall door is closed.

TIME FOR OUR SEMI-ANNUAL REMINDER:  On April 1, the “peak hours” for Florida Power & Light’s rate CHANGES.  From April to November, “peak rates” are in effect from noon until 9:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  At all other times, electricity costs half as much.