Founded in 1981 and recognized across the globe, International Housekeeping Week (IHW) is traditionally celebrated during the second week of September. This year, due to Hurricane Irma, Plymouth Harbor held our IHW event during the first week of October.

IHW is typically a week-long event that is celebrated uniquely by each organization that participates. At Plymouth Harbor, we are dedicated to recognizing the efforts of our hard-working housekeeping staff, who play a vital role in keeping our campus clean, healthy, and safe.

“International Housekeeping Week is an important event for us to celebrate each year because it provides the perfect opportunity for us to recognize and thank our staff for what they do,” says
Director of Housekeeping, Jim Myers.

Plymouth Harbor has now celebrated IHW for 29 years. This year, our appreciation was shown through daily recognition and a great deal of food — catered breakfast, lunch in the Private Dining Room, a pizza party, and an ice cream day. We truly thank our staff for what they do each day, and look forward to celebrating this important event in the years to come.