When it comes to Plymouth Harbor residents, it is no secret that they give generously of their time. This year, when we asked residents to share with us their volunteer efforts, there was one organization in particular that kept showing up — the Sarasota Concert Association.

The Sarasota Concert Association (SCA) is a local organization that is run by a volunteer Board of Directors and recruits talented artists from across the country to come and perform in Sarasota. For over 72 years, the mission of SCA has been to bring to the greater Sarasota community the finest classical music at the lowest price possible, offering both subscriptions and single ticket options.

A number of our residents work with SCA, pouring their hearts and souls into planning events, developing an ongoing list of subscribers, and, of course, recruiting new artists. New resident Joy McIntyre is the current President of SCA, and in 2015 alone, she contributed more than 600 hours of service. Joy has been involved with SCA for more than 10 years now, and she describes the organization’s role as “bringing Carnegie Hall to Sarasota.”

SCA hosts at least five concerts per year, which are usually held at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. Next year, the group is looking forward to producing six events. In addition to its traditional concerts, the Association also promotes the appreciation of varied musical arts by sponsoring local classical, jazz, and folk artists through its free community outreach program, which are usually held in the Symphony Center.

“I got involved with the Sarasota Concert Association to become a part of something that is larger than myself,” Joy says. “And I think it is characteristic of people in Sarasota to use their professional skills to help better our community.”

Joy herself is a former professional opera singer and professor at Boston University. Christopher Light, SCA board member and program book editor, developed an interest in music when he learned to use the computer to perform electronic music, producing four albums. John Goodman, SCA secretary and former president, is a musician, composer, and former professor. John Markham, SCA assistant treasurer, is a former manager for big-name publishing companies with a keen interest in music. Combined, these residents devoted over 930 hours to SCA in 2015, and will no doubt beat that number in the coming year. To learn more about the Sarasota Concert Association, you can visit: http://www.scasarasota.org/.