Please join us in congratulating our August 2013 Employee of the Month Pete Berkery!   Pete has been with Plymouth Harbor as a Security Officer since April of 2012.  He retired after 30 years from the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, and worked as a Firearms Instructor at the Sarasota County Technical Institute prior to joining us.

From the very beginning Pete has received Exceeds Standard remarks on his appraisals in several categories such as Quality of Work, Efficiency, Problem Solving, Attitude, Responsiveness to Supervisor, Safety, and Care of Property. 

Comments on Pete’s performance include:

Pete is always willing to assist others.  His desire to perform in an optimum way is recognized and admired by his peers.  Pete has a great attitude and he expresses a big degree of interest and enthusiasm to support the mission of Plymouth Harbor.  He consistently maintains a cooperative and positive relationship with his peers, residents, and guests. Pete has been a real asset to Plymouth Harbor.  He is a very dedicated employee. 

Originally from the Bronx, NY, Pete graduated from Riverview High School and received a BA degree from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. He enjoys hiking and nature.  He and his wife Karen have three children and 4 grandchildren. 

Thank you, Pete, for all of your hard work, and congratulations on being recognized with this fine distinction!