The Conservation Committee at Plymouth Harbor, a team of eco-conscious residents, provides another useful report in the May Harbor Light newsletter.  This time, we have a report on how to safely dispose of a variety of common household items.

The question is, how do I dispose of…?

Unused Medicine?

Take them (prescription, aspirin, anything) to the nurses in the Callahan Center on the CC floor of the Tower.  They are already disposing of meds and will be happy to add yours to the mix.  And, please, no flushing of meds.  That just sends drugs into the water supply.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs? 

Because they have a bit of mercury in them, they need special handling.  Take them to Audrey in the Maintenance Office (ext #567) on the north ground floor corridor.  She knows where they should go.  If one should break, do not try to clean it up yourself.  Again, call Audrey.  The Maintenance staff knows what to do.  For old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, no special treatment is needed.  Just toss into the wastebasket.

Used batteries?

There are two kinds of batteries.  One kind should be taken to Audrey (or given to your housekeeper who will deliver it to Audrey for you.)  The batteries that need this treatment are hearing aid batteries and the bigger special varieties.  Any battery with a letter designation (AAA, AA, C, D etc.) can safely be thrown in the wastebasket.

Used cartridges of ink from your computer?

Who knew these could be recycled?  Once again, take them to Audrey.  If you wish to take them to Staples or some such store yourself, there may be some form of credit available to you.




The “off-peak” hours for electricity in May when power is half-priced:

9 o’clock at night until noon the next day