Plymouth Harbor Discovery Guide – Senior’s Perspective
This Discovery Guide is designed to help if you are considering a move to Plymouth Harbor. It is also intended to help you communicate openly with your friends and family about why you are making this important decision. The questions and information that follow provide a useful way to explore your options and to begin discussions regarding your future plans.

What are the major reasons for considering a move to Plymouth Harbor?

For one, Plymouth Harbor is Sarasota’s premier Continuing Care Retirement Community. Our breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay alone will reaffirm your decision to make your home here. But Plymouth Harbor offers even more than what meets the eye.

Our independent living apartments are both convenient and comfortable, with up to 2,400 square feet of living space and a variety of choices in floor plans and views. Enjoy the open and spacious feel of designs that feature an abundance of natural light.

Residents love the fact that Plymouth Harbor is an active retirement community with a long-standing tradition of volunteerism and community service. Our residents have a dynamic voice in the planning of events around our property and can find many ways to make a positive impact to our quality of life. The community itself provides a diverse assortment of services and amenities–from fitness programs that focus on whole person wellness to speaker series and social gatherings. Plymouth Harbor residents find themselves surrounded by a supportive social network.

Plus, Plymouth Harbor residents are valued participants in Sarasota’s vibrant culture, contributing their time and talent to an energetic local arts scene that features world-class museums, opera, ballet, orchestra, repertory theater, and festivals.

What can I expect from life at Plymouth Harbor?

Plymouth Harbor is a wonderful place to live. Ideally situated in one of America’s most beautiful coastal communities, we’ve combined the most positive aging experience possible with the natural beauty and culture that Sarasota offers.

When you choose Plymouth Harbor, you can expect to enjoy a host of services and amenities that free you from life’s small hassles and let you pursue the interests and passions you most enjoy. These services and amenities include

  • Choice of dining in an elegant or casual atmosphere
  • Daily transportation for shopping, errands, or appointments
  • Beauty salon and barbershop services
  • Beautifully landscaped gardens, island boardwalk, waterfront walkway
  • Library, social and card areas in multiple locations, and personal garden beds
  • Chapel services
  • Wellness center, complete with a fully equipped fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, recreation room, woodworking and hobby shop, art studio, group exercise and dance studio, and a state-of-the-art wellness program that matches the physical design

Even though our amenities and services are impressive, it’s the personal relationships that truly matter. Plymouth Harbor provides friends with similar interests. Just pick up your phone or pay us a visit.

How can I help my family understand the reasons for my move?

Moving from your current home to an active retirement community is a major life decision. The many factors involved affect not only you, but your loved ones. For a smooth transition, it’s important that your family members are supportive of your choice.

There are many points to consider, from health concerns to home maintenance, when you are making your retirement plans. It is important to discuss those concerns with your family. A candid and honest discussion will help address the questions of everyone invested in your decision and ease the process.

A tour of Plymouth Harbor can go a long way to answering your family’s questions. Meeting with our dedicated staff and chatting with satisfied residents in person can help alleviate concerns. The more information and answers your family obtains, the higher their comfort level.

The ultimate priority of your family is your happiness and well-being. When your family sees that you feel confident and secure about your future, they will feel the same. In fact, a high number of our residents are “legacies,” whose parents and sometimes grandparents were also Plymouth Harbor residents!

“Moving to Plymouth Harbor was a gift my parents gave to me. Now, although we may not be ready to move in, my husband and I know that we want to pass this legacy on to our children.” – Cade Sibley

What can I expect in the way of a continuum of care as my health needs change?

Plymouth Harbor is a Continuing Care Retirement Community, offering independent living, assisted living, home care, skilled nursing care, and short term rehabilitation, if needed. As healthcare needs change, residents can move into more care-intensive residences on our campus. And, often, they are able to relocate back to their original apartments as their health dictates.

Located on the Plymouth Harbor campus, the Smith Care Center has a long tradition of offering comprehensive health care services to Sarasota families, tailoring health plans to the needs of each individual patient or resident. The continuing care environment encourages independent living with the understanding that needs do evolve. The ability to provide a continuum of services, all on one campus, where residents have the ability to maintain contact with their friends and loved ones, produces immeasurable benefits.

Our staff works with residents, their families, and physicians to determine the appropriate level of care needed as certain conditions progress. Your healthcare will be regularly evaluated to ensure your needs are being met and choices are addressed at every level–from meal times and venues to social activities and exercise. Plymouth Harbor’s dedicated and skilled staff is here to provide expertise and comfort every step of the way.

What are the costs of continuing care?

A continuing care retirement community (CCRC) is a senior-living community where ma-
ture adults can enjoy private, maintenance-free residences on an amenity-filled campus
and gain the assurance that if needed, exceptional healthcare will be available to them
through every stage of life.

Our philosophy embraces a continuum of care, providing supportive services to overcome
the challenges of life as they arise. In addition to many outstanding services and amenities,
living at Plymouth Harbor also assures you priority access to assisted living, rehabilitation
and skilled nursing services within the community, if needed. You’ll never need to move
again to receive additional levels of care. With one move, you can enhance your financial
security, lifestyle flexibility and peace of mind.

What are the different types of contracts?

Standard Forms of Contracts
The three standards types of residential contract, or fee schedules for continuing care
retirement community residency are:

  • A Type – Life Care/Extensive Contract: provides unlimited long-term nursing care
    at little or no additional cost for as long as the nursing services are necessary. This
    type of agreement is the most expensive, but also the least risky for you.
  • B Type – Modified/Continuing Care Contract: provides long-term health care or
    nursing services for a specified period of time. After the specified care period, you
    are responsible for the additional cost. This contract is the middle-priced one, with
    medium risk. Residents may receive a discounted rate for the care and a specified
    number of days of long term nursing care at no additional cost. (Plymouth Harbor
    offers B Type contracts.)
  • C Type – Fee-For-Service Contract: requires that residents pay separately for all
    health and medical services and for long-term care. This is the least expensive, but
    most risky, contract. If you need more extensive care later on, the cost can be
    very high.

Because you sign a binding, lifelong contract at the beginning of your continuing care
retirement community residency, it’s prudent to seek financial and legal advice as you go
about making this important decision. If you break the contract later, you may forfeit the
entrance fee.

Helpful definitions

Age Restricted Communities:
Communities that require at least one resident be typically at least age 55 and restricts
anyone under 19 from being a permanent resident. Age restrictions may vary by

Independent Living:
Independent Living Communities are designed to enable independent seniors to enjoy a
lifestyle filled with recreational, educational and social activities amongst other seniors.

Assisted Living:
Assisted Living provides a special combination of residential housing, personalized
supportive services and care.

Nursing Homes:
Nursing Homes, or Skilled Nursing Facilities, are designed for seniors who are in need of
24-hour nursing care.

Continuing Care:
Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) are residential campuses that provide
a continuum of care – from independent living, assisted living to skilled nursing care, all in
one location.

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care:
Alzheimer’s Care provides specialized care and housing tailored to the special needs of
individuals with this disease and other related disorders.

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I will always remember and cherish our welcome here at Plymouth Harbor. My upstairs neighbor stepped in as we were knee-deep in boxes and brought a small vase of flowers and a note. The note welcomed us and invited us to three different evenings of cocktails and dinner with three different couples! It was just lovely!

Addie H., Resident since 2011

I didn’t know how much I would enjoy people in my own age group—I do very much. However, there are also many younger folk around. It’s a good balance! I am also very impressed by the variety of things to do, or not. The people from maintenance are so skilled and have been of great help customizing my apartment.

Cynda G., Resident since 2013