Change of routine alone can be difficult, and a major loss (such as the death of a spouse) can be crippling.   Everyone experiences such common life events, but there is no need to go through these challenging times alone.  That’s why Plymouth Harbor works with Vericare, a leading provider of comprehensive and integrative behavioral healthcare services.

Over the past five years, Vericare’s highly trained and compassionate clinical psychologists have helped Plymouth Harbor residents and staff through grief, caregiver stress, adjustment issues, as well as depression and anxiety.

Even when there is excitement and anticipation about moving into a new community such as ours, it is natural for new residents to navigate a period of adjustment and homesickness. Any of these experiences are also compounded when other issues are present, such as chronic health conditions, side effects from medications or a loss of physical independence.

One unique feature that Vericare offers our residents is a counseling “house call” that is covered by most insurance plans.  The psychologists can meet you “where you are” in your own comfortable and very private setting.   All residents, from independent living and assisted living to those in skilled nursing care are eligible for VeriCare services.  For more information on how they can help, call Brandi Burgess at 361-7379 or Liz Clark at 361-7245.