Ann Burroughs has been an artist all her life – from oil painting to printmaking to working as a metal smith fusing gold, silver, brass, and copper. Her work with metal ranges from heavy casting to jewelry, some of which is created here in the Wood Shop. Born in Flint, Michigan, Ann attended Mount Vernon Seminary as a boarding student and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from both the University of Colorado and the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. How did she develop such an interest in the arts?

View Ann’s October Insights presentation to find out:

Insights is a monthly connection where residents can share stories and insights about their lives, careers, and hobbies with Plymouth Harbor employees. A feature of Plymouth Harbor’s developing employee wellness program, OnBoardInsights is offered at noon on the fourth Friday of each month. Open to all employees, lunch is provided, supported by gifts to the Plymouth Harbor Foundation employee assistance fund. Thanks to Phil Starr, each Insights presentation is videotaped for viewing by employees unable to attend the live event.