To New Beginnings

As a Life Plan Community, we recognize the need to provide for our residents and their families who are facing the challenges of both normal aging and dementia. For that reason, on December 14, 2015, we broke ground on the Northwest Garden Building. Today, we’re happy to announce that it is now open.

The Northwest Garden Building is located next to the existing Smith Care Center on the west side of the campus and encompasses 30 Memory Care, 30 Assisted Living, and 10 luxury Residential Living apartments. The Martha Jane Phillips Starr Memory Care Residence is a new addition to Plymouth Harbor, and specifically focuses on providing personalized care and services for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related conditions. The new Seaside Assisted Living Residence and Residential Living residences is an expansion of our current offerings, intended to help meet increased need. The building itself consists of three floors, in addition to a lower parking level. Amenities include a restaurant, Salon/Spa, three Courtyard Gardens, a Bistro, Media Center, and an abundance of common areas for residents, family members, and guests to enjoy.

Seaside Assisted Living Residence – Northwest Garden Building

  • The new Seaside Assisted Living, opened in 2018, is complete with a spectacular view of Sarasota Bay. The second floor houses 24 of the 30 new assisted living apartments (six on floor one).
  • Available for current and future residents who benefit from more assistance in daily living, the apartments will share beautifully designed and sophisticated features consistent with the tastes of today’s resident. Amenities will include a Salon/Spa, Media Center (floor one), Family Resource and Conference Center, and more.

The Martha Jane Phillips Starr Memory Care Residence – Northwest Garden Building

  • Floor one of the Northwest Garden building encompasses the new Starr Memory Care Residence. Two “neighborhoods” make up 15 apartments, for a total of 30.
  • Each memory care neighborhood accommodates 15 residents in private suites. The suites are approximately 325 square feet and include a private bath. Residents may choose to bring their own furniture, opt to have it provided, or a combination of the two.