On January 10th, 2018, the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Northwest Garden Building will take place, officially opening our new, highly-anticipated Assisted Living and Memory Care Residences. In the weeks leading up to that date, some Plymouth Harbor residents will begin their internal moves, familiarizing themselves with this new wing of our campus.

Over the last year, the “Northwest Garden” is a name that has become commonplace in our vocabulary. However, the new corridors, gathering spaces, restaurants, and more, are not nearly as familiar to us. Ahead of the Grand Opening, let’s take a closer look at these spaces, their names, and their significance. On the first floor (above the parking level), you will find the Memory Care Residence, our newest level of care on campus. This is named the Martha Jane Phillips Starr Memory Care Residence, in honor of the late Martha Jane Phillips Starr, whose Field of Interest Fund generously made a gift to the A Commitment to Memory campaign.

Within the Starr Memory Care Residence there are two neighborhoods, each with 15 suites. Both neighborhoods have incorporated many exciting technology and design elements to make this space a special haven to each resident, including sensory circles; life enrichment centers; reflection rooms; and dining and family rooms for each neighborhood. While the significance of the dining and family rooms may seem obvious, there is more to them than traditional memory care dining and family spaces. As part of our premier program, the dining room and adjoining family room will be accessible 24-7. This means that, as is done in one’s own home, memory care residents will be able to have a cooking or snack experience with the help of staff, as desired. This option is available in addition to scheduled meals that will be prepared and served by Dining Services.

Located near the end of the corridor in each neighborhood, the life enrichment centers will provide a space for engaging activities such as fitness and art and music therapy, helping to truly enrich the day-to-day lives of our residents. The sensory circles will provide a pleasant, personal space where residents can interact with tangible items, while the reflection rooms will offer a soothing, calming space. These features are also located near the end of each neighborhood’s corridor. Our new, expanded Assisted Living Residence can be found on both the first and second floors — with six apartments on the first floor and 24 on the second.

Within the Assisted Living Residence is the Media Center, which can be found on the first floor at the southwest corner of the new building. This space, which encompasses an outdoor balcony with a water view, will provide books, movies, a computer station, and a printer for all residents’ use. On the second floor, directly above the Media Center, is the Lounge — a cozy place to relax or gather for social events. The second floor Assisted Living Residence also houses a Family Conference and Resource Center for intimate meetings and educational opportunities, and a dedicated Salon/Spa for resident use. Two of the most anticipated and exciting elements of this new building are, of course, our new dining areas. Most unique is the Bistro, which will be referred to as Bistro 700.

Located on the third floor, adjacent to the new independent apartment residences, this space is designed as both a luxury dining option and a casual café. The contemporary bistro will offer dining tables, high top tables, and seats at the bar for informal dining as well as an outdoor balcony with a fireplace and patio furniture for a spectacular view of Sarasota Bay.

The Assisted Living restaurant located on the first floor has an elegant atrium with floor to ceiling windows, which extends to the second level of the building and serves as a centerpiece for the room. To no surprise, this restaurant will be named the Atrium Restaurant. While open to all residents, the restaurant is designed for the convenience of our Assisted Living residents. Equally as important to the building’s ambiance are the Courtyard Gardens, located on the first floor — one belonging to the Assisted Living Residence, and the other two belonging to the neighborhoods of the Starr Memory Care Residence. These areas will offer a secure, peaceful outdoor experience. As we approach the Grand Opening, we hope this detailed account will help you not only navigate, but look forward to, this new piece of our home.

Ahead of the Grand Opening, we wish to invite all residents and staff to take a look inside the new Northwest Garden Building via self-guided walk-throughs on Tuesday, December 19th, and Wednesday, December 20th, from 4:00-5:00 p.m. If you wish to participate, we ask that you enter the building from the second floor of the North Garden.