By Chris Valuck

We have yet to meet a resident that doesn’t enjoy using the Nu-Step located in the Wellness Center. In fact, they’re so popular that we had to acquire another to keep up with demand.

A Nu-Step is a recumbent cross trainer, which is sometimes referred to as a recumbent stepper because the user “steps” back and forth (from a seated position) rather than moving their legs in a circular motion like a bicycle does. It is a piece of exercise equipment that has historically been seen in a rehab setting and is intended for cardiopulmonary conditioning. However, in recent years, it has become increasingly popular in health and fitness settings for general conditioning.

The Nu-Step has gained popularity in part due to the fact that it is safe, easy to use, and comfortable, while still offering effective muscular and cardiovascular endurance. The Nu-Step provides an option to exercise only the legs or to add upper body exercises as well. The seat and arm levers can be easily adjusted for a custom fit. The convenient low entry onto the machine makes it easy to get on and off, without having to climb over any part of the equipment. If need be, the seat also swivels for easy transfer from a walker or wheelchair to the seat.

Many residents also enjoy the easy-to-use console, with it’s ability to monitor heart rate, SPM (steps per minute), time, distance, and 15 different levels of resistance. Each Nu-Step is equipped with adaptive equipment such as a chest belt, lap belt, foot supports, and even arm rests to assist users that may need this additional support (i.e. Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease).

Considering the Nu-Step’s wide variety of custom adjustments, and the fact that it is an excellent form of low-impact exercise (therefore more gentle on the muscles and joints as opposed to a treadmill), it’s no surprise that users claim to have a more enjoyable exercise experience when using it.

If you would like to experience the Nu-Step, stop by the Wellness Center and let us show you this great piece of equipment.