landfill We dump all that stuff down the chute or into the recycling bins and never give it another thought.  But we should.

After our recent resident  trip to the county landfill in Nokomis, we are a good bit smarter.  All that STUFF does not go up in smoke, literally or figuratively.  There is no burning to pollute our pure Florida air.  And, most assuredly, that debris does not just go away.  It requires an enormous number of employees, many of them operating challenging equipment, to get rid of our discards.

There is an area for construction waste.  By law, we are required to separate out the REusable lumber, pipe, metals and such from the UNusable.  When you see the piles of waste that arrive daily, you can see why many workers are required for this.

Someone has to oversee the Hazardous Waste disposal area.  There is usually a charge for getting rid of toxic materials.  It should be paid by you, if you deliver them yourself.  You will probably pay that charge to anyone else who takes those old electronics, liquid paint, and chemicals to the landfill for you.

Then there are the employees who separate all those plastics we dump, a separate pile for each type of plastic.  And tires.  There are a few uses being developed for ground-up tires and a few for the whole tire but, for the most part, these are a landfill problem.

A trip to the Nokomis landfill can clear up many of the mysteries about why we do what we do.