Lauren Krause EE of MonthLauren Krause has always been a stand-out employee at Plymouth Harbor, but this month she was nominated by her peers and voted “Employee of the Month” for September 2014.

When she joined joined the Smith Care Center team in December 2001 Lauren worked as a  full time LPN.  In October 2007 she was promoted to Restorative LPN. Of course, we don’t all know what that means, but a quick Google search tells us that a restorative nurse assists patients who are in recovery from a surgery or illness with regaining their health and self-sufficiency.  Smith Care Center serves as a rehabilitation center for many residents and community members recovering from surgery, so Lauren’s specific skills are in demand.

In fact, she not only exceeds standard appraisal ratings for job knowledge, quality of work, decision making and attitude, but she is a tremendous asset to Plymouth Harbor.  Lauren’s expertise continues to enhance the team daily; she is always looking for ways to achieve better outcomes for our residents.

As a detail-oriented professional, Lauren quite resourceful.  Joe Devore, Plymouth Harbor’s Vice President of Health Services, calls her “Go-to Krause” because of her skills in resolving issues and finding solutions.  Everyone recognizes that Lauren’s strength lies in the fact that she knows who and how to pull the resources together to achieve her goal.

A long-time Floridian with two beautiful sons and loving husband, Lauren is a positive, radiant soul, who is well-liked by all.  One of her nomination letters summed it up:

“Lauren is a great team player, willing to go the extra mile to get something done when needed.  Lauren is compassionate with the residents and always has a smile on her face.  She is a great asset to the Plymouth Harbor family.”