Don and Peggy Wallace were featured in April’s Insights.  Don Wallace wrote the script for several soap operas during his career, including The Edge of Night and One Life to Live.  Peggy was his right hand person, inspiring and typing the script every day.  The Wallaces shared how they met and entered into a fruitful career.  For them, life certainly was a Soap Opera!

You can view the full presentation here:

Insights is a new monthly connection where residents share their stories and insights about their lives, careers, and hobbies with employees.  A feature of Plymouth Harbor’s developing Employee Wellness Program, Insights is offered the fourth Friday of each month at noon.  Open to all employees, lunch is provided, supported by gifts to the Plymouth Harbor Foundation employee assistance fund.

Thanks to Phil Starr, each Insights presentation is videotaped for viewing by employees unable to attend the live event.  It will also enable us to develop an archive for future employees to view.

Upcoming Insights Presentations:

May 22                     Beverly Vernon:  “Let’s Cook”

June 26                    Jane Smiley:  “Style—It is My Life”

July 24                      Senator Marlow Cook:  “Politics are Politics”

August 28               Ted and Fran Rehl:  “Inspired by Music”

September 25       Walt Mattson:  “Community College & the Newspaper Business”

October 23                 Susan Mauntel:  “Taking Risks and Winning”