macneillOn May 29, the Plymouth Harbor community and friends will celebrate The Reverend Dr. John Whitney MacNeil with a tribute presentation and cocktail reception.  The evening will begin at 4:00 p.m. in Pilgrim Hall with a program that will give a closer look at this special man and his vision.

Our founder, The Reverend Dr. John Whitney MacNeil, born on May 29, 1911, was a visionary, a leader, and deeply rooted in the values of the United Church of Christ.  It was said of him that he would never reach the peak of his ambitions.  However, he always had goals and he always achieved them.

Two of his very large, ambitious goals in Sarasota were to establish a college of quality and a retirement community of distinction.  We now have New College of Florida and Plymouth Harbor, thanks to Dr. MacNeil and his leadership.

His widow, Judith Merrill, is still a resident of Plymouth Harbor and was recently featured in one of our Zest for Life stories.

If you are not a resident or otherwise affiliated with Plymouth Harbor and would like to learn more, contact Becky Pazkowski at 941-361-7398.