JackpotEveryone is happy when they “hit the jackpot,” right?  Can you imagine the thrill of hitting it twice?

Being selected “Employee of the Month” at Plymouth Harbor is considered a jackpot of sorts, but it has nothing to do with chance. It takes a strong work ethic and a special spark of added care and attention to your job to win this honor.

Manuel ‘Manny’ Flores has been received this recognition not once, but TWICE now with the announcement of our July 2014 Employee of the Month. He now  joins the small but proud list of second time Employees of the Month.

He was first elected in February of 2006 just about a year after having had joined Plymouth Harbor as a full time CNA.  Manny had completed his LPN training and had accepted a full time LPN position by that time as well.

Since then Manny has consistently been recognized his high quality of work and job knowledge. He’s a problem-solving leader with a positive attitude and strong relationships with residents and co-workers.

We hear things like:

  • “Manny is an excellent LPN.  He is meticulous and his focus is on details and outcomes.”
  • “Manny is not one to stray off task, in fact he can redirect many of his peers back on course with the utmost confidence. He is a good leader and is liked by all.”
  •  “Manny is the ultimate team player.  He is loyal, dedicated, and an inspiration to all.”
  • “Manny is the epitome of a professional.”

Those who nominated him for this honor said:

  • “I feel safe and confident that my residents’ medical needs will be taken care of in a timely manner when Manny is here.  He always displays a good attitude and has the nicest disposition.”
  • “Manny is always available to accommodate the needs of his department and is so good with the residents.  His residents love him.”
  • “Manny is a good guy all around.”

He’s been married to Maria Salazar for seven years and they enjoy their three dogs.  And yes, Manny does enjoy hitting the jackpot when he’s at the casino.