By Becky Pazkowski

The Plymouth Harbor Foundation board members are remarkable people with a wealth of knowledge. We’ll introduce you to each of them this year.

“This is a wonderful place and I am so impressed with the attitude and cooperation of staff, residents and boards. The residents are wonderful . . . I love talking with them.”

– Lee Byron, Real Estate Agent, Michael Saunders



Lee Byron is a Smith College graduate and has been a resident of Sarasota for 34 years. In addition to having been a Plymouth Harbor, Inc. trustee for 6 years, ending her second term in 2013, she is one of the charter trustees of the Plymouth Harbor Foundation Board.

Among her volunteer activities in the community is her involvement with the Human Services Advisory Committee (HSAC), which advises the County Commission and makes grants to non-profit human services organizations. While her volunteer efforts are many, she is most passionate about children and prevention, because she feels that with a small financial investment, we can accomplish so much (10+ fold) for our citizens and the future of our community.

A seasoned real estate professional in Sarasota, Lee offers the following on the market: “Our market is stable and slowly increasing in value, which I like better than a boom market. The islands and West of the Trail are particularly enticing to buyers, with lower inventory and rising prices. However, we have not fully recovered from the 50% drop invalue from 2006.”