Picture13Lisa Bradley has been an independent contractor with Plymouth Harbor for nearly two years, now teaching our Total Fitness class. She is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified personal trainer with over 15 years of experience specializing in senior fitness.

While Lisa is passionate about her work with seniors, she first got her start working in television. After majoring in TV production at New York University, she went on to work for ABC’s Good Morning America (GMA), handling the transportation of personalities and guests that were featured on the show. When Lisa married, she moved out to Connecticut and commuted to work in New York City. Eventually, after five years at GMA, Lisa and her husband relocated their three daughters (two of which are twins) from Connecticut to Columbus, Ohio, and, ultimately, Sarasota.

Lisa and her family moved into The Landings and she began work at a cardiac rehabilitation office. While there, she took an exercise class at Bath & Racquet Fitness Club. She had only taken the class two times when the teacher asked her to substitute, as she was the only one in the class who could do all of the exercises. She enjoyed it so much that she began working on her Personal Training certification shortly thereafter. While still working at the rehab office, Lisa was featured as one of the area’s top personal trainers in Sarasota’s Style Magazine. She received so many calls that she decided to work full time as a personal trainer and started her own company, Fit For Life of Sarasota.

In the early years of Fit For Life of Sarasota, Lisa mostly trained with senior clients who also lived in The Landings. Several years ago she branched out to teach classes and work with other larger organizations in the Sarasota area. Today, Lisa holds specialty certificates in Lifestyle and Weight Management, Exercise for Special Populations (i.e. diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, etc.), and Strength Training over 50. She is an avid runner and has participated in eight marathons, including the Sarasota Music Half Marathon and the Boston Marathon. In keeping with her love of working with seniors, Lisa has been a volunteer with Tidewell Hospice for 17 years. During that time, she has been awarded three President’s Volunteer Service Awards from President Obama.

Of her Total Fitness class here at Plymouth Harbor, Lisa says it enhances endurance and balance through standing and floor exercises, stretching, and static and dynamic balance exercises. “What I enjoy most about my class here is getting to know the residents and their stories,” she says. “I love talking with them, and I find the more you take people’s mind off working out, the more they enjoy it.”

To learn more, stop by Lisa’s class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, or find her information in the Wellness Center’s Preferred Professionals brochure.