Capture3654068Beginning in the fall of 2014 through the spring of 2015, several residents at Plymouth Harbor began to suggest that residents could benefit from an upgrade of Pilgrim Hall. Thus, recommendations began to surface, and a visioning and planning group was formed to help guide the process.

The group generated the following purpose statement to help guide the process:

  • Design an intimate, comfortable space to seat 100-120 people utilizing state-of-the-art technology, acoustics, and lighting to accommodate all residents, including those with hearing, mobility, and sight challenges. 

Planning ensued throughout the summer. An architect was engaged, an A/V and acoustics expert was consulted, and a recommended plan was produced to improve the sight, sound, and space in Pilgrim Hall.

At the beginning of the planning, the question was raised as to how we would fund the project. Available capital was scarce with the imminent groundbreaking of the Northwest Building, which will house a new and much-needed assisted living and memory care center. After considerable discussion, The Foundation Board recommended that a capital campaign effort be launched to raise the funds needed to upgrade Pilgrim Hall.  Thus, we began quiet discussions with potential donors who might have an interest.

On October 20, 2015, we were very pleased to present the recommendations to all residents of Plymouth Harbor. During the presentation, we shared the six requirements that were developed to help frame the rejuvenation of Pilgrim Hall:

  • Comfortable, theater-style fixed chairs with high stage visibility from any seat.
  • Professional stage and theater lighting to enhance sight and stage ambiance.
  • Acoustics and sound system that amplify and enhance sound, and accommodate patrons with hearing challenges.
  • Integrated video connection throughout Pilgrim Hall, with adaptations necessary for Club Room integration.
  • Ability to view and participate in virtual podcasts from around the world.
  • Expanded backstage accessibility, space, and storage.

Capture654061Also, on October 20, thanks to the work of the Foundation Board and some very generous donors, we were able to announce that over $477,000 had already been committed to this project, officially launching The Next Stage Capital Campaign to Rejuvenate Pilgrim Hall.  Included in this amount is a partnership contribution from Plymouth Harbor, Inc. The goal of the campaign is $1,000,000.

A donor recognition plan approved by the Foundation Board, designed as a Donor Playbill, will be permanently displayed on the exterior wall of Pilgrim Hall. Additionally, all donors to the campaign will be thanked in the printed version of the Grand Opening Playbill, and in the annual Impact Report.

A sample Donor Playbill is pictured right, showing the available naming opportunities (theater, stage, acoustical design, video technology, integrated audio system, and house and theatrical lighting) as well as personal recognition levels (producers, directors, stars, cast, patrons). We are extremely grateful for the gifts that we have already received, some of which have been reserved and are reflected in the Donor Playbill, including the stage, acoustical design, and video technology.

A Campaign Committee is currently being formed and will be announced soon. We very much welcome the opportunity to speak with anyone who might have an interest in supporting this campaign. If you would like more information, please contact Becky Pazkowski at 361-7398 or at