Amenities Overview

The Lounge is located on the second floor in the Assisted Living Residence. It’s a cozy area where residents, families, and friends gather for social events, such as movies, musical performances, wine and cheese events, or a casual coffee meet ups.

Family Conference Room and Resource Center
The Family Conference Room on the second floor provides a space for small groups, such as support groups or care planning. It also contains a Resource Center complete with educational, informational, and resource materials that provide assistance to family members who are seeking guidance when a family member is experiencing dementia or is expecting a move to a new level of care.

Media Center
Located on the first floor in the Assisted Living Residence, a 24/7 Media Center offer residents and family members books, DVDs, audio books, a computer station and printer, and other resources on loan. All residents of Plymouth Harbor can enjoy the Media Center at any time.

Assisted Living and Memory Care
Designed as a welcoming garden for Assisted Living and the Memory Care neighborhoods, the three Courtyard Gardens provide opportunities for safe, secure outdoor experiences for residents and family members. Whether a sunny stroll, pleasant social visit, distraction, or taking in the wonderful aromas of plant life, the Courtyard Gardens provide a wonderful outdoor change of pace for residents. Each garden offers a water feature, increased sensory stimulation, and pleasant seating for social visits.

Each neighborhood in the Memory Care Residence is equipped with a home-like kitchen and dining room. Residents may opt to prepare a meal or simply dine together with friends and family. The dining rooms are designed for open seating, casual dining, daily cooking activities, and are accessible around-the-clock, just like home. Additionally, the room’s back wall is removable, allowing the two neighborhoods to come together for large gatherings and programs.

Life Enrichment Center and Spa
The Life Enrichment Center in each neighborhood provides space for an array of daily activities for residents. Art Therapy classes are led by trained professionals working in a variety of mediums designed to stimulate the creative process. Music Therapy provides small group musical options, such as sing-a-longs, drum circles, and piano bars. Additional music opportunities are available for one-on-one encounters in a private suite or the Reflection Room for a resident who may benefit from a therapeutic instrumental or vocal experience. Fitness options for residents are available in the form of small group fitness classes, dance, and private one-on-one coaching.

Located on the second floor of the Assisted Living Residence, the spa offers haircuts/colors/styles, manicures, and pedicures. In addition, specialty services from estheticians and other professionals are available by appointment to all residents.

Reflection Room and Sensory Circle
The Reflection Room is a private space residents may visit for a calming experience, such as aromatherapy, reflexology, or massage therapy. A soothing, sensory experience is proven effective in calming aggressive behavior and improving mood. Family members are able to sit with a resident and listen to calming music, read aloud, or just enjoy each other’s company. The Reflection Room is designed to help deepen relationships between the caregiver and resident.

Sensory Circles are located at the ends of each neighborhood, designed to provide tactile experiences for residents as they stroll about. Familiar atmospheres are created such as beaches, aquariums, and certain textures to provide pleasant and stimulating experiences. The Sensory Circle can be visited daily by residents, family members, and staff.

Family Room
The Family Room, complete with a cozy hearth, is where groups gather for social events, such as a musical experiences, wine and cheese or informal coffee, or casual reminiscing.