Northwest Garden: Dining Overview

Plymouth Harbor’s high-quality dining experiences will continue in the Northwest Garden Building. The Northwest Gardens has its own kitchen and dining staff. However, much of the food preparation takes place in the Mayflower Restaurant kitchen, under the direction of Chef René Weder.

The Sunset Bistro

The Sunset Bistro is located on the third floor of the Northwest Garden Building, adjacent to the new two-bedroom apartment residences. Designed as both a luxury dining option or a casual café, the contemporary bistro offers dining tables, high top tables, and seats at the bar. An outdoor balcony with a fireplace and patio furniture offers a spectacular view of Sarasota Bay.

The Atrium Restaurant

While open to all residents, the Atrium Restaurant is specifically designed for the convenience of our Seaside Assisted Living residents, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant atrium reaches two floors, offering breathtaking views of beautiful Sarasota Bay.