Premier Leader: Inspirational Care

Research shows that in 2007, over 10 million Americans were caring for a person with dementia. The largest group was spouses, followed by children or children-in-law. As a Life Plan Community, we recognize the need to provide for our residents and their families who are facing the challenges of both normal aging and dementia. The Northwest Garden Building’s new Memory Care and Assisted Living Residences will be designed to do just that, offering a new pinnacle in the continuum of care available to Plymouth Harbor’s current and future residents.

Specifically, the care program for the Memory Care Residence will be based on the fundamental principles of the Positive Approach™ to Care (PAC) developed by Teepa Snow, an occupational therapist, dementia specialist, and educator. Designed to help residents continue to thrive in everyday living, PAC focuses on maintaining one’s dignity, encouraging individual capabilities, offering healthy choices, and providing a wide variety of cultural and intellectual options.

Educational Leadership
As part of our campus-wide readiness for the new residences, we have initiated several levels of PAC training for of our employees. Additionally, employees of the Memory Care Residence will receive enhanced PAC training, and specialty dementia-related training for life enrichment activities, dining, and wellness options.

We realize that a diagnosis of dementia affects all family members, not only the resident. Because of this, we plan to offer ongoing family support and one-on-one counseling through collaborations with nationally recognized leaders, as well as education and training for community members outside of the Plymouth Harbor campus. Our hope is to become a premier leader in education and training, at both the local and national level. Finally, we will host internationally-known speakers who will share information on the latest research and treatments being tested and offered throughout the world.

Inspirational Programming
Our programs will establish inspiring and fulfilling opportunities to spark a discovery or connection, reaching the passion, emotion, and enthusiasm within each resident. We will offer expressive arts and wellness programs that encourage our residents to connect and communicate throughout their journey; spiritual and faith-based programs to nourish the souls of our residents through this stage of life; intellectually stimulating programs that fulfill the need for human curiosity, while celebrating the skills and capabilities they spent their lifetime developing; and social opportunities to create community amongst our residents, families, and staff.

In expanding our care program, we hope to bring comfort and expertise to the community so that a diagnosis of dementia does not result in social isolation or unnecessary burdens. Through education and inspirational programming, we believe that we can help provide the tools and support needed for families to continue to have meaningful relationships and close friendships throughout their journey.