Moving into a single-family residence can be daunting, and moving into a new home within an entire community, like Plymouth Harbor, even more so!  Where do I pick up my mail?  Who can I ask to hang that mirror?  What do I do with all of these moving boxes?  These questions and many, many more will soon be answered with the New Resident Orientation Program.

‘Welcoming Committee’ co-chairs, B.J. Peters and Nancy Lyon, have been working closely with Tena Wilson, VP of Support Services, to develop a program designed to make each new resident’s transition to their new home as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

Contact for a new resident will begin as early as the day they sign their contract when they’ll be introduced to a ‘resident mentor’ who will familiarize them with their new colony.  Subsequent introductions to additional mentors will include invitations to participate in four separate resident-guided tours; The Grounds, The Ground Floor, The Lobby Level, and The Mezzanine.  A final staff-guided Staff & Services tour will take them through the various service departments where they will meet staff members available to assist them throughout their residency at Plymouth Harbor.  New residents can participate in as many or as few tours as they’d like.

New residents will also receive a personalized ‘Orientation Guide to Residency at Plymouth Harbor’ for future use as a handy reference.  Throughout this process you can count on members of the Welcoming Committee extending invitations to dine in Plymouth Harbor venues as well!