What do medicine, Chicago, and Africa have in common? Paul and Macky Groen.

Paul Groen, M.D. is a graduate of Wheaton College near Chicago, where he was born. He went on to attend Baylor University College of Medicine and took his residency in Detroit. Macky (short for Maxine) graduated from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and received her R.N. from Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing in Chicago. She also went on to earn a Master’s degree at Columbia University’s Teachers College.

It wasn’t until 1964, however, that the two met — in Africa. That year, Dr. Groen arrived at Mkar Christian Hospital in northern Nigeria, and by chance, Macky was the director of the nursing school. By 1965, the two were married. Eventually, the couple moved back to the states with their two sons, where Dr. Groen not only went on to study orthopedic surgery, establish a private practice in Wheaton, and teach at Loyola Medical School, but he also founded Doctors on Call for Services (DOCS). DOCS arranges for specialists to travel, on their own dime, and teach African doctors in their fields of expertise.

How did these two end up in Africa in the first place?

View their March Insights presentation to find out:

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