We must be clear, Plymouth Harbor will not be hosting the official PBS Antiques Roadshow on our campus, but we have had the next best thing here for three years in a row!  Bruce Crissy of Crissy Galleries is an antiques expert on par with the ones we watch on TV and we are proud that he has agreed to return to assess our treasures on Friday, November 14 from 2pm to 4:30 pm in Pilgrim Hall.

aroadshow-providence-ri2_t614We know you must have something you have always wondered about. Perhaps its a painting, an old watch,or  a piece of jewelry.  Our  astute Bruce Crissy will examine it and give you his opinion on its origin, its history, its worth. Who knows? You might have the next million dollar discovery!  Or you might find you could get an extra buck or two for that old thing…  Either way, we’ll have lots of fun.

This is always a popular event so please only One item per person. We want everyone to have a chance to uncover a hidden treasure!