Harry and NancyHarry Hobson can count to ten as well as the next person and certainly it must have occurred to him that 2014 marked his 10th year anniversary serving as Plymouth Harbor’s President and CEO.  Nonetheless, when Mary Allyn rose to recognize this anniversary with a tribute at the Board of Trustees meeting last month, he was caught totally off guard.  What’s more, he was just as surprised when she repeated the tribute at the most recent Residents Association Board meeting. On both occasions, Harry says he felt humbled by, yet deeply appreciative of the honor.  For the past decade, Plymouth Harbor has benefited from the leadership of a remarkable man and the warmth and fellowship of his equally remarkable partner and wife, Nancy.

“Ten years ago, Nancy and I did our full due diligence prior to making the life-changing decision to leave our home in Virginia and move to Sarasota. We learned that Plymouth Harbor was not only a wonderful community to serve, but that it had so much more potential to reach what it is today.  And now, there is even more potential looking to the future.”

Imagine the exhilaration of these years during which there has been a great deal of change. The thought of the work can be tiring, yet Harry notes “Ten years later, I am just as excited to get out of bed to come to Plymouth Harbor as I was in 2004.”

He and Nancy discovered early on that Plymouth Harbor’s location may be the hook that brings you in, but it’s the people who keep you here—residents and staff.

“One thing that solidifies my feelings about Plymouth Harbor,” he adds, “is the strength of the relationships we have built and continue to maintain between staff, residents, and our Board of Trustees.”

The entire community has had fun with Harry, a CEO who is not above a laugh at his own expense.  For several years running, he has adopted the name “Barry Dobson” for the annual Plymouth Harbor Players production that pokes playful fun at the community of “Puritan Cove.”   He says the thing that makes him nervous each year is knowing that Play Director and resident Don Wallace requires that he audition for the part of the Executive Director of the fictitious retirement community.  Harry says with a smile that being the real CEO doesn’t make it a shoe-in that he gets the part in the annual play.

Harry is also quick to point out the true sense of teamwork exhibited throughout the development of the new Wellness Center—from resident vision to Board of Trustees moving forward to the staff to bring the vision to reality.

“You don’t have to be on campus very long to feel that sense of community. Whether embracing a project, celebrating a special occasion, resolving a complex issue, or enduring the inevitable bumps along the way, the sharp minds of everyone at Plymouth Harbor pull together for the greater good.”

Hobson testimonial