By Adelaide Hurst

Nancy R. Taylor moved into her apartment at Plymouth Harbor from Lake Shore Village South on September 14, 2013.  However, she is hardly a stranger to this area, having lived in The Landings for four years and in Bradenton for ten years.

She was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., and later moved to Manhattan.  She enjoyed being there for 25 years.

As a young woman, she wanted to be a Speech Pathologist which necessitated taking courses both at City College of New York and at Brooklyn College.  She also applied for and received a state grant to attend New York University where she earned an M.A.  Later she also studied at Pace University where she became a member of Phi Delta Kappa while earning her M.S. degree.

After graduating, she practiced in public, private, and parochial schools in New York City.  She was promoted to supervisory positions and helped develop questions for exams to become a licensed Speech Pathologist.

Nancy took early retirement and moved to this area.  In Bradenton she taught “English as a Second Language” to adults, an experience which she loved.  She tells the story about one of her students, a Romanian woman, who could not speak a word of English, who showed her a poetry book which she had written and which had been published in her native language.  Nancy enjoyed getting to know many of the families and even attended a few of their weddings.

She has been an active member of the League of Women Voters for many years and has served as a poll watcher.  She loves to read and enjoys her book clubs; going to lectures at Town Hall, the Van Wezel and SILL; as well as attending theater productions.  She loves to swim and take long walks on the beach.  Her interest in art can be attributed to her husband who was a “Sunday painter.”  She has also traveled extensively here and abroad.

Nancy is thrilled to be living in Plymouth Harbor.  She loves looking at her “postcard” view of the bay, the sunsets, and the passing of kayaks.  Nancy says that living here is a holiday, every day.  She “complains” about getting wrinkles from smiling so much and adds that she has never met so many nice people aggregated in one spot.

We sincerely hope that Nancy will continue to find happiness at Plymouth Harbor!