By Vera Cohn

Arthur AncowitzWhat a pleasure to introduce Arthur Ancowitz in these pages!  A man of many accomplishments, many interests, and exuding vivacity and humanity.

Arthur is a New Yorker through and through.  Born in New York City, educated in its public school system, he studied medicine at the New York University School of Medicine.  He is an internist who practiced in New York for many years.  He has devoted considerable time and effort to further awareness of strokes and their prevention.  He has written several books on the subject of strokes.

In 1967, he helped to found the Stroke Foundation, a nonprofit organization.  At its website,, you can find information about warning signs, how to identify a stroke, how to prevent it, treatment and recovery, as well as about educational programs, community-based activities and ongoing research studies on prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.  Among its major activities, the Foundation is currently funding stroke research at New York University Langone and also supporting research at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

But Arthur has many other interests, too.  He is the author of a book of poetry entitled, “The Bard in Me,” which will be published in the next few months.  He has a love of opera which was generated by service as the house physician for Saturday afternoon performances at the Metropolitan Opera in the late 1970’s and 1980’s.  “I even appeared once on stage as a priest in Cavalleria Rusticana,” he says with a big grin.  In the past, Arthur has been a New York City marathoner and a devoted bicyclist.  At present, he is a tap dancer who enjoys taking tap lessons at the Senior Friendship Center.

Three children and six grandchildren make up Arthur’s immediate family.  His son Richard is an attorney who lives in Albany, New York.  His daughter Maryjane is an advocate for women’s rights in her community in Riverdale, New York.  His daughter Nancy is a lecturer and writer:  creator of the popular New York University workshop, “Self-Promotion of Introverts,” and author of the McGraw Hill publication of the same title.  The book is a practical guide designed to help introverts articulate their accomplishments and develop an action plan for gaining career achievements.  Often the advice is based on viewpoints expressed by prominent persons from the world of business, politics, and entertainment.

Ina Schnell has been Arthur’s partner for 14 years.  They have traveled in many parts of the world, including a great number of bicycle trips in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Arthur first came to the area in 1980 when he bought a condo at Beachplace on Longboat Key.  After many intermittent visits during the course of the years, he moved there permanently and now he is making a transition to living at Plymouth Harbor.  We are happy to welcome Arthur and look forward to getting to know him.