Plymouth Harbor staff, residents, and specifically, our Safety Committee, are the proud recipients of an FCCI Safety Award.  Twice a year, the loss control consultants at our insurer, FCCI, nominate policy holders that have an excellent safety program and low loss ratio (under 35%).

With a loss ratio this year of only 3.48%,PlymouthHarborstood out from the field. Loss control consultant Pansy Hager pointed out, “Your safety committee is very dedicated to identifying hazards and controlling claims.  That is why I nominated you for the Award.”

The FCCI Safety Award was presented to Plymouth Harbor at the Resident Meeting on November 1 by FCCI’s Regional General Loss Control Manager Brian Smith who pointed out that Plymouth Harbor was selected as the best of the best from a total of 8000 businesses insured by FCCI.

Plymouth Harbor CEO Harry Hobson called forward all the members of the Safety Committee who deserve the lion’s share of credit for this recognition.  The committee, consisting of April Stout, Chris Valuck, Jannelly Collado, Carolina Davis, Bert Adams, Fran Vancil, Lyall Smith and Karen Smith, has been chaired by Jim Myers since 1996, who, it was noted, no longer needs to dress up in costume to make his points about safety to the community.

Three times a year this committee splits into teams of three to survey the entire campus for potential safety issues such as low lighting from a burnt out bulb, an electrical cord, frayed doormat, etc.  Any discoveries are reported immediately and resolved just as quickly. Jim Myers himself surveys the campus at least 10 times a year, going above and beyond the call consistently for 17 years.

Not only arePlymouthHarborresidents and staff safer due to this diligence, but the benefits are monetary, as well.  Harry reported FCCI rewards strong safety records with a reduction in annual premiums.  That’s gratitude and safety that boosts the bottom line, too!

Congratulations to all for this remarkable safety record and recognition!