Picture1237In April 2016, Sarasota Magazine announced the winners of its annual Best of Sarasota: Readers’ Choice Awards. This year, we’re proud to announce that Plymouth Harbor was voted a finalist in two categories — Best Retirement Community, and Best Place to Meet Singles.

While this category may imply meeting a significant other, it can take on another meaning here at Plymouth Harbor. One of the characteristics that makes our community unique is the friendliness and openness of our residents — and resident Fran Nikolich agrees. Fran moved in a little over a year ago, in March 2015.

“My first night, I was sitting at the bar by myself. Another r
esident walked right up to me and invited me to come and sit at her table,” Fran remembers. “It’s the people that make Plymouth Harbor a great place to live, and my first night here is a testament to that.”

Since then, Fran has developed many friendships — with both couples and fellow single residents. She credits them to the friendliness of her neighbors, her outgoing personality, and the Plymouth Harbor Welcoming Committee.

The Welcoming Committee consists of a group of people whose one goal is to ensure that new residents have a pleasant transition into life here at Plymouth Harbor. This includes introducing them to the campus and their colony, and inviting them to dinners and special events. Additionally, each new resident is assigned a personal mentor who greets them on their first day, and is generally available to answer questions.

“It is a tradition that has gone on for years and years,” says BJ Peters, chair of the Welcoming Committee. “I was a mentor myself and became very good friends with my mentee. I’ve also seen that happening with others — it’s a wonderful thing.”

One thing is for certain, you never know who you will meet here at Plymouth Harbor. From new friends to long-lost friends and colleagues — or even a significant other — anything is possible. We are proud to be named Best Place to Meet Singles — whatever the meaning.