Plymouth Harbor Smith Care Center Five Star Rated Nursing Home, US NewsAs a certified Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), Plymouth Harbor not only offers a spectacular lifestyle for independent residents, but also provides excellent assisted-living and nursing care.  We don’t just say this, because that is too easy. We have the Five Stars to prove it, says U.S. News Health.

The data behind the U.S. News report on the Best Nursing Homes comes from Nursing Home Compare, a website run by the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS.)  CMS sets and enforces standards for nursing homes enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid, as most are. The agency also collects information from states and individual homes and assigns each home a rating of one to five stars in each of three categories: state-conducted health inspections, nursing and physical therapy staffing, and quality of medical care. The ratings are combined to produce an overall rating of one to five stars.

This means at Plymouth Harbor data collected measured the quality of service in our Smith Care Center for comprehensive skilled nursing and rehabilitative care. The five stars measure nurse staffing, quality measures from clinical data, and results of periodic health inspections.

Check it out yourself

U.S. News collected meaningful data and ratings from about nearly every nursing facility in the United States, and built from them a searchable database designed to highlight the highest-rated homes likely to meet each user’s needs.  Here’s the link to that database if you would like to check it out yourself.