When will the Atrium Restaurant open?
This date is dependent upon when the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) completes its final inspection of the Seaside Assisted Living Residence and the Starr Memory Care Residence. While this is an unannounced inspection, we anticipate it will occur in the coming weeks. In the meantime, menus are set, and the Atrium Restaurant kitchen is fully-equipped and ready to go. The hours of operation will be from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and will offer à la carte dining similar to the Mayflower Restaurant.

Can Independent Living residents dine in the Atrium Restaurant? If so, when?
Independent living residents will be welcome to dine in the Atrium Restaurant on a reservation-only basis. After assisted living residents are moved into their new residences, Dining Services will make an announcement regarding the opening of the restaurant to independent living residents.

Where will the food for the Starr Memory Care Residences be prepared?
Regularly scheduled meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) will be prepared by Dining Services. The Smith Care Center (SCC) kitchen will prepare and deliver these meals to both the Lido and Ringling Neighborhood’s respective dining room. SCC will prepare these meals as it would prove too large a load if the Atrium Restaurant kitchen were to prepare food for its own restaurant, the Sunset Bistro (when opened), and the Starr Memory Care Residence. In the opening stages of the residence, meals will be served as a plated, set menu, taking into account dietary needs. This will certainly evolve over time, depending on resident preferences.

There is also a community kitchen located within both neighborhoods. This kitchen and dining space serves as a common area for residents to enjoy snacks, and is where their favorite foods will be stored. Staff will help residents prepare these snacks, as needed.

What will happen if an Assisted Living resident exceeds their annual dining allotment?

In this case, the resident would be billed per each additional meal exceeding the annual allotment.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding dining in the Seaside Assisted Living Residence or the Starr Memory Care Residence?

Please contact Stephanie Leathers (Ext. 496), Administrator of Assisted Living and Memory Care, for memory care-related dining questions, and/or René Weder (Ext. 251), Director of Dining Services/Executive Chef, for questions related to dining in assisted living.