By Helen Kelly

weissOn a sunny Saturday afternoon, I had the pleasure of interviewing the recently moved in couple, William (Bill) and Josephine (Jo) Weiss. Following a warm greeting at the door of their apartment, I was awed at the expansive view, a reaction Jo said she always gets from her recent visitors. Prior to their move to Plymouth Harbor, Bill and Jo lived at Marina Tower for the past ten years, following a lifetime of about twenty-five relocations.

After growing up in small Pennsylvania towns, Bill in Big Run and Jo in Lock Haven, their paths crossed while attending Penn State. He was majoring in engineering and she in mathematics. He enjoyed telling me how he glimpsed her across a crowded room at a fraternity party, where there were seven men for every woman, but missed the opportunity to be introduced. After locating her phone number, he called and suggested getting together. And so began a relationship at Penn State that continued on after graduation and was celebrated by their marriage in 1951, a marriage that has continued for the past sixtyfour years.

Three weeks after graduation, Bill was commissioned a First Lieutenant in the United States Air Force as a Ground and Communications Officer. He served during the Korean War from 1951-1954 in Wiesbaden, Germany, returning to civilian life in 1954. Bill began his career with The Bell Systems in western Pennsylvania, ultimately becoming Vice President of Bell Pennsylvania. Following Bell’s separation from AT&T, he became Chairman of the company, covering five Midwestern states, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, and supervising over 100,000 employees. His meteoric career was responsible for the family’s frequent moves.

When questioned regarding the effect, if any, on their three children, Bill and Jo responded with great pride, detailing the careers of their children. David is a successful builder in Raleigh, NC. Steve is in sales, a career involving frequent travel to the Far East. Susan has been a dedicated teacher in Lancaster, PA, and retired recently. They proudly showed photos of their five grandchildren. While Bill was working up to sixteen hours each day, Jo was busy raising the children, ensuring their education and capably managing the relocation of the entire family approximately twentyfive times. It was a pleasure getting to know these two new residents. They are a friendly and engaging couple that is a welcome addition to our community.

Welcome, Bill and Jo!