By Isabel Pedersen

Someone may have moved into Plymouth Harbor knowing more people here than Carolyn Albrecht does- but I doubt it.

When Carolyn talks about her bridge groups, some of our residents are members.  Her mah jong games were at Plymouth Harbor.  She played golf with some of us, she worked with others of us at the Longboat Key Library, still others at the old Pelican Man Bird Sanctuary.  Only at the Cat Depot were there few human friends.  Her task, socializing nasty cats so they could be adopted, was a truly solitary pursuit.

Carolyn was born in St. Louis, moved on to Mt. Vernon, New York, and then Plymouth, Massachusetts where she went to high school.  After graduating from Colby College in Maine, she, along with most of our age group, found a secretarial job, at Merrill Lynch.  That would have worked out better if she had ever really learned to type.  So, surprise, she got bumped to the Personnel Department.

Other jobs where her so-so typing skills were utilized included working for a PR firm during Sen. Irving Ives’ campaign for governor of New York, for the Imperial Commodities Corporation in New York and the Overlook Hospital in Summit, New Jersey.

After marriage to Phil Albrecht, a research analyst on Wall Street, she lived in Westfield, New Jersey for 30 years while they raised two sons and a daughter.  These, in turn, produced seven grandchildren.

Longboat Key was the Albrecht choice when they moved to Florida.  For 29 years, they lived in condos among friends who now, no surprise, live at Plymouth Harbor.

Carolyn stayed at the Players Club after she lost her husband, in 2006.  That is, she stayed until she decided to join dozens of her friends at Plymouth Harbor.  Now, except when she is at her summer  home in the Poconos, she is here where she is adding new friends to her huge list.