By: Addie Hurst

“Wishes do come true,” say the Silberts. They had a placeholder apartment for over a year and kept hoping for a two-bedroom overlooking the harbor, and, at last, the perfect place became available!

Estelle Silbert graduated from George Peabody College for Teachers, which is now Vanderbilt School of Education. However, she never got to use her teaching license because she got married to Burt, became pregnant, and in short order had four children who kept her very busy. As they grew up, she was very involved with community activities; she served as president of Jewish Family Services, as chairman of the Jewish Educational Service, helped with many fundraising activities for the Jewish Federation, and was on many community boards in Nashville.

Burt Silbert, a Brooklyn boy, had known Estelle since they were children, and then her family moved to Nashville. So, having just graduated from NYU, he applied and was accepted at Vanderbilt University Medical School. After graduating, interning, and doing his residency in Michigan, he became a clinical assistant professor at Vanderbilt University Medical School, where he taught for many years. Burt then became a founding member of the Radiology Consultants of Nashville and a director of the national Breast Cancer Detection and Demonstration project at Vanderbilt. He was also chairman of the Tennessee State Medical Society Committee on Mammography. He performed the first mammogram in Nashville.

They were both very involved with temple activities. She served as president of the Sisterhood and was involved with fundraising and education. He was on their Board of Directors and served as president of their Couples Club. The Silberts became snowbirds in 1997, and after buying an apartment at the Players Club in 1983, they were very happy and had a raft of friends. However, they were friends of Gerry and Walt Mattson and Charles Gehrie who had told them about Plymouth Harbor, and eventually, the Silberts decided the time for moving had come!

The Silberts have four children, all married, and four grandchildren, aged 15 to 26. Three families live in Colorado and one in Atlanta. One son is an architect and one is a banker. One daughter is the Director of Economic Development of the Arts in Ridgway, Colorado. The other daughter is the National Executive Director of Great Old Broads for the Wilderness, an organization whose purpose is to protect the wilderness.

What do they like to do now that they are both fully retired? They enjoy golf, reading books, the theater, and water aerobics. Estelle also plays mahjong and enjoys art. They are currently going through albums of pictures; a mission we all remember!

So far, they are delighted with their apartment, with the people they have met here at Plymouth Harbor. We hope they will continue to enjoy being here and will take part in the many activities Plymouth Harbor offers!