By Lee Yousri

eisner“Still waters run deep” — wow! How to begin? Harriet was born in Atlanta–now, move forward: after one year in college-marriage-followed by three children nineteen months apart-and a wonderful husband who sent her back to college and her much-loved study of the arts.  A “we’ll take care of the kids, dear,” scenario. Cool! But not exactly commonplace.

The pieces fell into place while attending school only one day a week and having a fantastic helper.  The caregiver who had helped Harriet’s mother with Harriet as a youngster volunteered to do the same for Harriet’s children. Add in Harriet’s mother who also lived in Atlanta and you have a truly charmed life.

It was the time of the Beatles – the 60’s. Harriet was 29, her college companions were 19. It was not a problem; they mixed well.  It was a happy time.

After she received her Master’s degree in Visual Arts from Georgia State, they moved to New Canaan, CT.  Her son was a student at New Canaan High School where parents volunteered their services.  Harriet taught “silk screen” and subsequently became a substitute teacher for an art professor and a part-time teacher of drawing.  She was also working at the art group, “Silvermine.”  One could say Harriet was immersed in all areas of artistic pursuit.

And there was Lincoln Center in New York City, the “educational” arm, offering an in-depth look at the performing arts and helping to develop future participants as audiences in music, dance, and theater.

After several years in New Canaan, the Eisners moved to Pittsfield, MA, where Harriet’s husband became CEO and president of Shaeffer pens.  These were more popular in Asia and Europe than in the U.S. – their days of world travel began!

Then Harriet’s Dad gave the couple a house on Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands where they spent time off and on for seventeen years while commuting back and forth between Asia, Japan, and Australia.

How on earth did Sarasota enter into the picture?  One of their sons had always had a respiratory problem.  His doctor’s simple prescription:  the “beach life” and so, for years after discovering Lido Beach, they had made it a part of their very busy life. Added to the beach benefit, Sarasota offered a continuation of life in the arts which had always been so important to Harriet.  Son Dean now lives on Longboat Key.

Here is a brief summation of all the parts:  two sons, one daughter, five grandchildren; five abstract paintings by Harriet in a Sarasota gallery; a past study of the arts, a continuing love of the arts.

We welcome Harriet!