By: Addie Hurst

ike-and-ada-eisenfeld-3Perky and petite is the best way to describe the Eisenfelds. They recently moved here from Lido Surf and Sand because of their friends the Gainsboros and the Biros. They have only been here a few weeks but their apartment looks as if they have been here for years!

Ike is a Brooklyn man, and Ada is a Michigan lady, so how did they meet? Ike was in the Air Force stationed near Mount Clemens and was introduced to Ada. They had a whirlwind courtship with dates wherever Ada was, thanks to the Air Force, and were married a year later.

Ike served two stints in the Air Force and went to dental school at the University of  Minnesota. Although he also studied in New York, he took the Michigan Boards and opened a practice in Mount Clemens where he practiced for 40 years.

Ike and Ada had four children who have given them eight grandchildren. After the children were fairly well-grown, Ada, a University of Minnesota graduate who had originally been an economist for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, became City Commissioner of Mount Clemens for eight years, Mayor of Mount Clemens for four years, and then was Vice-Chair for the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and served on many regional boards.

The Eisenfelds love to travel and have seen most of Western Europe, China, Japan, Alaska, New Zealand, and Australia. They still own a home in Mount Clemens and hope to spend summers there.

They both are very pleased with their choice of Plymouth Harbor and are so impressed with the entire staff and with the residents who stop by their table and introduce themselves.

We wish them a warm welcome!