By: Lee Yousri

I think almost everyone can boast of a full and interesting life, but I found Jean Glasser’s full, interesting, and also somewhat complicated. She discusses it with such verve and vigor, I almost asked her to write her own bio.

Jean hails from New Jersey. At the early age of 17, as an honor student from Hillside High, she was picked for employment by a prominent local law firm. She was thrilled. “I was an honor student but I hated school,” she confessed.

For the first six months she was stymied. Lawyers spoke a different language, but she heeded her father’s advice to “hang on” and eventually found herself for the next 30 years dealing with real estate matters, divorces, adoptions, estates, and all sorts of interesting subjects. To quote her: “I learned so much about law and life. It was most helpful with my own life. There was always a new challenge.”

Along the way she met and married her first husband and had a son. Unfortunately the marriage ended in divorce, but Jean soldiered on and was rewarded with a second and a third marriage, both of which sadly left her widowed. But what joy they brought! Plus they brought her four daughters, who in turn have blessed her with six grandchildren besides the three she has from her son.

Since there was no mention of Sarasota, I wondered how she had ended up here. Jean and her second husband, Edmond, visited close friends and fell in love with Sarasota. They thought, “In New Jersey we have a house in the city and one on the shore for summer fun. Sarasota encompasses both in one.”

The decision was made; in 1979, they moved south and settled in the South Gate area of Sarasota. Jean took a job with a law firm (it was in her blood) and together they thoroughly enjoyed life in Sarasota. After Edmond’s passing, Jean met Otto Glasser through an associate at the law firm. They married and took up residence in The Meadows. After adding 13 years to the 30 she had worked in New Jersey, Jean reluctantly retired at  Otto’s “request.”

This is not the end. Her volunteer work includes Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Selby Gardens, a four year term as Governor of the Bird Key Yacht Club, 17 years as President of the Meadows Condo Association, the choir of the Redeemer Church, Key Chorale, and the Meadows choir.

From the latter three you can guess that Jean is a singer. Key Chorale was especially interesting as it performed with the Symphony whenever a choir was needed. And you can add to all this her hobbies of walking, swimming, dancing, playing the organ, reading, crossword puzzles, gardening, the “arts,” etc., etc., etc.

One last thing: Jean claims she chose her apartment at Plymouth Harbor because of its many spacious closets. That’s interesting and quirky as most of her stories are. But no matter what her reason was, we’re just delighted she’s here!