Resident Snapshot by Lee Yousri

Yet another interesting couple has joined our ranks!

Jeanne is a native New Yorker while George hails from Minnesota, but no matter how far apart, the fates do a good job when two people are meant to meet.  The Air Force training centers were full and students were being trained in private colleges.  George ended up in the University of Connecticut.  Not too far from New York.  And then an arranged blind date!  Our story begins.

It was a typical 50’s New York date.  They went to a TV taping of “Your Hit Parade” and then on to Birdland.  One tiny incident worth mentioning to show the disparity of their backgrounds: at one point as they reached their subway station, George was nowhere to be seen.  Jeanne finally discovered him still on the train, standing politely back while other passengers alighted.  Not exactly New York style.

Meetings ensued.  Jeanne visited grandparents in Massachusetts.  Connecticut was not too far away.  George was transferred to Washington.  New York was close by.  Step by step, it all led to their marriage in beautiful Riverside Church in Manhattan.

After a few years in Washington, George terminated his active duty in the Air Force and went into the reserves.  They both enrolled in the University of Minnesota.  George earned his BS there and an MBA at Capital College.  Through friends in the YMCA he became a staff member of the Minnesota Republican party and progressed to administrative assistant to the governor.  Ultimately though, he realized it was not a life-time option for him.  In looking for an exit from politics, a friend suggested Life Insurance and was instrumental in the start of his new career as a salesman for North American Insurance.  (Yet another domicile for the Mansers: Columbus, OH, for 23 years.)  Born to succeed—it appears—George went from salesman to president to CEO of North American.

And what was Jeanne up to?  A family had been started during the college years: it evolved into four children, eleven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.  From the very beginning, Jeanne’s hands were full and the lovely family outcome can only be attributed to her devotion and hard work.

When it came time to think about retirement, they made plans to research both Florida coasts.  Fortunately for us, they explored the west coast first and purchased a condo on Siesta Key.  After many years, they moved to the Essex House in Sarasota but kept the condo in Siesta Key.  It is now a big treat for the family to have this lovely vacation haven by the sea.

They both have always volunteered and it remains a constant today.  George is currently chairman of the Pines of Sarasota and spends three days a week at work there.  Hobbies?  His: travel, golf.  Hers: furniture refinishing, exercising, gardening, to name a few.  The Essex House condo was sold before the move to Plymouth Harbor.  Their loss is our gain.