By: Addie Hurst

Joy McIntyre_3-2016_2 (3)What a pleasure (a joy!) it is to welcome Joy McIntyre to the Plymouth Harbor family! If you are an opera buff, she probably needs no introduction … but we’ll get to that later.

Joy is an only child whose parents were both school teachers in Kinsley, Kansas. However, her father took a civil service test and, starting in a very simple job with the U.S. Postal Service, ended his career as the Deputy Assistant Postmaster General. So you can see that Joy inherited genes that would take her far.

As a sophomore in high school she was given the lead in an operetta; she was the soloist for her church choir at age 15. She went on to attend Oberlin where she spent her junior year in Salzburg, Austria. Following graduate studies at the New England Conservatory of Music, she won the Emma Eames scholarship and returned to Salzburg.

She spent the next nineteen years working for various opera companies in Germany and giving performances at all the famous opera houses in Europe. She was married to a German architectural engineer for 10 years. Joy then became a professor at Boston University (now emeritus) and Chair of the Voice Department. She also has taught at Utah State University, University of Miami Salzburg Program, and is currently on the faculty of the Boston University Tanglewood Institute. As if this were not enough, she also has been a Shakespeare scholar and created a one-woman show integrating scenes and songs by Shakespeare. Her accompanist for several of these performances was John Goodman.

She recently left her house in Silver Oak where she had lived for 12 years and has joined us at Plymouth Harbor…but she is hardly retired. She is currently President of the Sarasota Concert Association, is a past president of SILL and a current board member, is on the board of the Music Archive at the Selby Library where music related items are sorted, catalogued, and stored. Formerly, she was board member of the Artists Series Concerts, produced shows at the Historic Asolo, and ran competitions … and she still teaches at Tanglewood!

Getting to know Joy is in fact … a joy! She is very modest about all of these past accomplishments, but just ask a few questions and she has lots of stories! We hope she will be as happy to be in Plymouth Harbor as we are to welcome her.