Leon was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but lived in Allston, Massachusetts. He enlisted in the Air Force during World War II, training as a pilot until the war was over. He attended Northeastern University through the G.I. Bill, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. He joined a family jewelry business for several years and then decided to start his own company, Opus, Inc.

It started in a garage at his home, where he made products for lawn and garden wholesalers. Bird feeders became the main product. All manufacturing and shipping was outsourced. He built a factory in Bellingham, Massachusetts, and employed several hundred people. Leon has some patents for squirrel proof feeders. After many years, Opus sold bird feeders around the world. He feels that much of his success was due to serendipity, which gave rise to many wonderful stories.

Leon has two sons, one daughter and six grandchildren. He has done sculptures in soapstone and some work in wood carving. His favorite animal is the giraffe which he made using clay.

Both Leon and Pat lost their first spouses within a week. They met through a mutual friend and were married.

Pat was born in and grew up in Chicago, Illinois with her twin sister. She attended the University of Illinois and Gregg business school. She worked as a secretary for several years before marrying her first husband. She raised three sons and has seven grandchildren. In 1972, she moved to the Detroit area and in 1978, she moved to Paris, France, where she lived for three years. Upon returning to Birmingham, Michigan, she became a fashion coordinator for B. Siegal and a small boutique in Birmingham.

Her hobbies were lapidary, jewelry making, sewing and cooking. In 1987, she moved to the Meadows where she lived until 2005, when she married Leon and moved to University Park. Leon and Pat remained there until April 1, 2015, when they moved into Plymouth Harbor, a place which she adores and loves the people.