By: Addie Hurst

Hurricane Irma complicated Marge Melun and Ky Thompson’s well-planned move to Plymouth Harbor. Three days before the move was scheduled, they left their home in Bradenton to stay with a friend away from the water. They were doing their own packing, so it was a bit of a shock when the movers called to say they were arriving as scheduled.

Somehow Marge and Ky managed to get home and put everything into boxes in time for the move to go forward. Now they are settling into Apartment N-201, although they are still looking for some of the items packed in the last frenzied hours of getting ready to move.

Marge was born and raised in Texas, attending Ursuline Academy in Dallas. She then attended Rosary College (now Dominican University) in River Forest, Illinois, where she got a BA in history and French. She spent her junior year in Switzerland.

Upon graduation, she joined the Peace Corps and served two years in Togo, West Africa. When she returned from Togo, Marge earned a Master of Science, Library Science, from Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Then began her lifelong career in libraries. After four years as a librarian at Georgetown University, she worked in the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress for 20 years. She spent the last 12 years of her career with the Foreign Service, working as a regional librarian overseeing United States Information Service libraries and cultural centers in a variety of regions. This entailed extended assignments abroad, including in Karachi, Vienna and Rome.

Ky was born on Long Island and grew up in Connecticut. His father gave him a choice of boarding schools for the last two years of high school and he chose Fork Union, a military school in Virginia. He then earned a BA in economics and history from Centre College in Kentucky. While there, he signed up for the Marine Corps, and upon graduation, began a 25-year career with the Marines.

After Officers Training School, he had his first tour of duty in Vietnam, where he was badly wounded. Upon his recovery, he took part in a Vietnam advisors course and served a second tour in Vietnam in an advisory capacity, working with the Civil Operations Rural Development Support team which included personnel from several government agencies.

His subsequent career included varied planning, research, and development assignments in a range of fields. While he was in the Marine Corps, he got a MA in International Relations from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Ky retired from the Marines in 1989 and spent the next five years as a freelance writer for various journals and other publications.

When they were living abroad during Marge’s time with USIS, Ky was involved in many different volunteer organizations associated with the embassies and consulates where they were posted.

While they were living abroad, Marge and Ky decided they needed a genuine address in the United States since they had sold their house on Capitol Hill. In 2001, at the suggestion of a friend in Bradenton, they bought a small cottage there, which they rented out until Marge retired in 2005. Then, they moved to Bradenton and bought a large home where they lived until moving here.

Marge and Ky have no children together, but they have one son from Ky’s first marriage and two delightful granddaughters. It is a pleasure to welcome Marge and Ky to Plymouth Harbor.