By: Judy Stanford

Marilyn Schwartz — call her “Lynn,” please — is a delightful newcomer to Plymouth Harbor who reveals a past of diverse experiences. Lynn was born in New York City and grew up in New Jersey. Her father was a successful real estate broker who suffered severe losses in the 1929 depression. Her mother built the business after his death (1939) and became the first woman president of the Jersey City real estate board. Quite a role model!

Lynn accomplished her undergraduate work at Mount Holyoke and, during those years, she met (on a blind date) and married Bob Schwartz, a chemist-to-be. They had a son (who is a doctor in Rochester) and a daughter who was in graphic design. Now retired, she lives half-time on Longboat Key (lucky Lynn).

Eventually, Bob established his own company and Lynn joined him to learn more about his work and professional operation. Though she claims not to know a thing about chemistry, she became proficient and capable in her new pursuit.

Meanwhile, Lynn happened to work for a “Home for the Aged” — a retirement community of many years back. The residents were indeed aged, and sick, and poor. The director of that facility succeeded in establishing an appropriate, modern venue and engaging qualified volunteer physicians to care for those patients. It was this working experience that led Lynn to consider social work as her next endeavor.

Her children grown, Lynn obtained her MSW (Master of Social Work) from Rutgers University. She then worked for the Millburn-Short Hills School System, initially as part of a child study team and then in their school for the deaf.

At that time, parents of deaf children tended to insist that their offspring “learn to talk,” Lynn says. This policy created great stress for the students and she spent much of her time counseling families. She is gratified today to know that “signing” is employed as a preferred method of communication and offers a great relief to those affected by hearing impairments.

Fast-forward to 1995. Bob and Lynn had often visited friends in Venice, Florida, and, consequently, were exposed to Sarasota. So-o-o in retirement, they chose Longboat Key for their new home. They lived at the Promenade and became “snowbirds” for twenty years!

Residents Mort and Carol Siegler are Lynn’s cousins, and Marian Kessler a friend. All, in turn, led her to Plymouth Harbor. We are so glad Lynn is here!