By: Addie Hurst

Meet Rae Lichtenstein…that pert, smiling, friendly lady you have seen around the campus recently. She moved in on June 27th and just loves Plymouth Harbor! Perhaps one of her favorite activities is going to the movies and programs…she rarely misses one performance!

Rae was born in Brownsville, Pennsylvania, a small town about an hour from Pittsburgh. Her father was Austrian-Hungarian who met her mother in Uniontown, which was near Brownsville. He was a salesman. Rae graduated from high school, attended classes at the University of Pittsburgh and worked for her stepmother in the family restaurant and bar manufacturing business. Then she was introduced to Ernest by a relative. They were married within a year. Ernest owned supermarkets, eight in all, and Rae helped in various capacities. They had four children and now there are six
grandchildren; a series of mostly professional people — artists, an accountant, an attorney, and a bio-physics student.

At the age of 35, having watched her children in the water, Rae learned to swim, and swam laps for years. She also took yoga classes and participated in water aerobics. Ernest and Rae belonged to the Green Oaks Country Club, where Rae learned to play golf, mahjong, and canasta. They owned a second home in Deep Creek, Maryland, where they spent their weekends, boating and swimming. During this time, Rae enjoyed volunteering at Montefiore Hospital for 15 years.

Traveling? Yes, once a year, Rae and Ernest traveled all over the world, and once a year they took the children on a trip. Eventually, they bought a vacation home at Beachplace on Longboat Key where they spent 27 years. Rae loved taking the movie classes at the Education Center.

Ernest died in 1997. Rae was on the waiting list for two years before she moved here. Do say “hello” to her when you see her around Plymouth Harbor!